Hi there! I’m Nickey. I live in Minneapolis and I love to sew. I also love bikes, social justice, and dancing. My career is in non-profit communications, but I like to spend my evenings in my basement sewing until the wee hours.

Originally the Fashion Ration started as a copy-cat of the Sew Weekly- I was going to make 26 garments in 2009. After making half a dozen gather skirts (ha!) I gave up. A few years later I read Overdressed and re-dedicated myself to making all my own clothes. I now very rarely buy anything new, except socks and undergarments, and I love to sew projects both small and big. I’ve been a big fan of the online sewing community for years but have primarily been a lurker- so I’m changing that. I’m proud of the stuff I’m producing these days, and I’m very excited to share it with you!


One thought on “About

  1. I’m going on a first date with a guy to the hat man on south beacon hill. Could you tell me where on the hill it’s located? The address or landmarks, if you recall.

    Thanks so much!

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