I made it! Deer and Doe Belladone #3


This is my third Belladone, and dare I say it… I think I finally got it right! Not to say I didn’t like the previous versions – I loved them. But this one is just about perfect. In fact, it feels like a bit of a Goldilocks situation, and now it’s just right.


My first Belladone (sidenote: damn am I glad my hair has grown out) was made out of a soft cotton fabric. It’s cute and, hilariously, perfectly matches my bike (both are light blue and hot pink). However, the soft drape didn’t show off the pleats and exaggerated A-line very well. And unfortunately, whether I iron it or not, it always looks a bit rumpled.

My second Belladone was made of some gorgeous black fabric with lurex woven in, which I picked up at Modern Domestic while I was on vacation in Portland earlier this summer. There were a few issues that have led to me (gulp) not actually wearing that dress at all yet this summer. First of all, it just feels too fancy for my day to day summer lifestyle- like it kind of feels like a job interview outfit, except the cut out back and the short skirt make it a bit inappropriate for that. Second, while I SWEAR the bolt said it was 2% spandex, that ain’t true. This fabric has zero give. So it’s just a touch too tight. I did, however, make some crucial fit adjustments that got rid of the back wrinkles I was plagued with when I made the first one.


Which brings us to Belladone #3. I picked up some wonderfully heavy stretch sateen at S.R. Harris recently and whipped this baby up. With this luscious fabric combined with my fitting changes from Belladone #2 it’s perfect! I love how sturdy it feels. For notions, I recently came across a bag of 20+ red invisible zips at the thrift store (so all my future dresses will have red zips for the time being). I was also the lucky recipient of a ton of vintage buttons and bias tape from a new sewing friend. I realized that I don’t love the exposed bias tape look, so although it’s red and matches perfectly, I hid it on the inside. My happy little secret- I mean, who doesn’t love nice insides, right.


I’m really learning the beauty of a good TNT pattern. It feels so nice to sew a dress up when you know what all the steps will be! It just flies by, and soon enough, you have a new dress.


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