I Made It! Purple Chambray Hawthorn

Oh look… it’s been two years and suddenly I’m blogging again! I swear this time it’s gonna stick. I read many sewing blogs a day and love seeing other people’s makes. I love posting my own makes to my friends on Facebook and Instagram. So I figure it’s time to join this darn amazing online sewing community and get into the thick of it!


The right corners of downtown Saint Paul are quite charmingly picturesque.

This is my new favorite fall dress, the Colette Hawthorn in purple chambray from Treadle Yard Goods in Saint Paul, MN (I bike right by it on my way home from work, which is mighty dangerous, lemme tell ya). I’ve made this twice before, once in red kona cotton (which I never wear because the nap of the fabric picks up EVERY DAMN PIECE OF LINT I encounter, and as the owner of a fluffy white cat, that’s a problem) and one wearable muslin of the peplum version (it’s cute as hell, but I don’t wear it as much as I should, perhaps because I don’t have a lot of peplum-complimenting garments).

Over the summer I was admiring Lauren’s sleevless Hawthorn and inspiration struck. Lawd knows she isn’t the only sewing blogger to have made one, but that’s who I was copying. I went to Treadle to buy fabric for some other summer projects and got sucked into the Chambray, but determined to not be a total copycat I bought the chambray in my favorite shade of pinky-purple.

I had originally intended to make the sleeveless version, but by the time I got to sewing it, fall was upon us here in Minnesota, and it seemed way too cold to be making a sleeveless dress. I barely had enough fabric, though, so I eked out the sleeves and left off the cuff. This was a little dumb, as I ended up just turning them into hem, which made them much tighter than usual, but after an hour of wearing they loosen up a little and are fine. I used some contrasting batik I had in my stash for the pockets and facings, which also saved me a little fabric. The buttons are some adorable, chunky burnt wooden buttons I bought at Savers for a couple bucks. Ah, Savers, my secret favorite place to score cheap material and notions.

I really love this pattern. Other than minor dart adjustments and adding pockets, I have made no changes to it, sewing a straight size 16. When I add pockets I always grab the pockets from Simplicity 2215, which are the perfect size. (Sidenote: why are dress patterns designed without pockets? Everyone loves pockets! And they are easier to remove than add… though I digress.) Truth be told, Hawthorn was the last Colette pattern that really grabbed my attention- almost everything since has been a bit too simple for me (the toggle front coat is nice, just not my style). But Hawthorn is a gem, and I hope they release more like it again soon! I’m excited to see what the new Seamwork magazine delivers…


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